Toko OEN, A Piece of Europe in Semarang First Post in October !

I should punish my self for being not consistent in make a posting to this blog. Last 2 weeks was the very busy weeks for me. I always fail to make a new post, even if i get the idea for the topic. College world stole my freedom. Now start with this post, i will make my blog dominated by English language. Because my goal is to spreading the beauty of Indonesia to the world, so i should use the language that universally understandable. But bear in mind that i not a master of English literature, so my grammar is far from perfect. But this is me, i want to share with you our kindness as Indonesian.

Well last week i went to an old fashioned ice cream shop in Semarang, Central Java. This historical place not only provide the legendary ice cream, but also complete restaurant with small bakery inside the shop. This shop located in Pemuda Street 52 Semarang. With only a stone’s throw away from super mall Paragon, and traditional market Johar, you will feel the colonialism era in this place. Established in 1922, Toko Oen was the first bakery shop in Jogjakarta, and then Toko Oen spread its wings by opening the shop in Jakarta, Semarang and Malang. But now the original shop is only Toko Oen in Semarang, since two shop in Jogja and Jakarta were closed and shop in Malang were sold to other people.
— Interior
After a tired day shopping in Johar Market, i went to Toko Oen. Actually i not that hungry, so during my way to Toko Oen, i only imagine to order an ice cream to refreshing my mind from Semarang hot weather. But suddenly, my mood to order an ice cream disappear, i curious to order an poffertjes. Poffertjes is Germany traditional snack, a ball from flour and egg cooked in “ball pan”, ball pan is like a pan but will make your dough shaped like a ball. I ordered a poffertjes with chocolate and cheese inside the ball.

Forgot that i already order a plate of poffertjes, my desire to eat made me order another snacks like ontbijtkoek kecil, roti telur, apple pie and mic mac. Totaly i felt European warmth here. The poffertjes is very nice with chocolate and cheese inside its soft skin. Also another cakes is good in my mouth with its traditional taste created from mixed Chinese and Europe recipe. Toko Oen is very recommended for you as a seeker pleasure. With its European interior, and multi culture culinary. You will found various culinary from Europe, Chinese, or even Indonesian culinary here. 

— Poffertjes Cokelat dan Keju



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