Cemara Sewu Beach: An Instagrammable Beach Not So Far Away.

A straight road in front of us was flawless and mostly deserted. White clouds painted in the blue sky as at that time Jogjakarta entering dry season - or musim kemarau in Bahasa Indonesia. "Summer" is the best time for the ocean vibes. We are heading to Bantul Regency on the southern part of Jogja to visit a relatively quiet beach called Cemara Sewu or Thousand Firs Trees Beach.

The usual rute to visit Bantul is to go first Parangtritis Beach – a black sandy beach with crowds of people and food stalls. Parangtritis beach is very famous among older generations, while the youth prefer to explore new ones nearby.

To reach Cemara Sewu beach only 45 minutes riding from downtown of Jogja. A beautifull view  welcome us with rows of firs tree waving kindly, as if they sent a very warm welcome to the first group of guests arriving at the beach that day. The firs are growing cheek by jowl, even the sun ray hardly to breaks through among the branches to lights up the surrounding. It is damp and gloomy there during our journey to gride the forest for the beach.

Pathway to the beach
Wood stucture for the best selfies and wefies
Dark forest and super brigt beach
A solitary beach, the spoiled sound of the waves, blue ocean up to the sky horizon, a few of beautifull wood structures and a watchtower, are the precious sceneries which offering peace and calmness for the visitors of Cemara Sewu. Jeep trails were seen  there as the beach also the field of off-road practises. We sat on the ground of watchtower and sharing our stories of friendships. Once in a while, strong winds blew up the dust gently and blinding our eyes for a moment. The weather was pretty hot and dry. Thankfully, the sunblock that I have applied worked well to reduce skin burn.

Cemara Sewu becomes an alternative especially for those who love the ocean vibes, pristine beach, and beautiful sceneries, but have no time to pursue the famous white sandy beaches on far away at Gunung Kidul. The very good thing is that the beach is also equipped by “Instagrammable Place Stater Pack” like swinging, wood structure, and love sign, all things that   will fulfill your FOMO desires.
A lonely watchtower
Ocean vibes and hot weather
Swinging for better Instagram posts
Jeep trails as this beach also become off-road field
The people who visit the beach
How to Get There:
1.      Take a ride to Parangtritis Beach and enter the Parangtritis gate to purchase the entrance fee.
2.      Turn left into Jalan Pantai Parangkusumo and find the sign gate of Pantai Cemara Sewu on the left of the road.
3.      You only need to pay the parking fee on the location as the entrance fee already paid in advance.



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