Photo Series: A Ferry Trip to Rothesay

After taking an hour's train from Glasgow to Wemyss Bay, I was astonished by the beauty of the train station and the aisle that connects it to the ferry terminal. But it was a lonely day for the crossings. The Winter season and the changed ferry schedules due to lousy weather restrain people’s intention to wander in the famous Royal Borough of Rothesay, a town on the Isle of Bute, Scotland. However, I still undertook the journey anyway. I believe winter also gives me an opportunity to understand more about the journey and the town during the low seasons.

The MV Argyle from CalMac ferries smoothly across the firth of Clyde, offering the stunning beauty of Scotland’s isles for 30 minutes journey. Suddenly the sun shines, and the blue sky appears, while the breeze is still freezing. I sit inside the comfy seating area, witnessing the busy morning for some of the isle workers. People are discussing, typing on the laptop’s keyboard, sipping coffee while calling, and others are just sitting while reading the morning newspaper. A genuinely bustling morning for them, and I could sense that I was the only tourist on that day. However, as always with the Scottish, I feel very welcomed. Nod in the head with a smile, a good morning, and a weather conversation with me are everywhere during my wander at the ferry.

The Kettle Drum Cafe was the only diner that opened on Wednesday during winter in Rothesay. I spent my lunchtime sipping the mushroom soup, which tasted like one of the best in my life. The cafe was very busy, full of locals and smiles. Once more, I explained where I came from to the cafe's owner and waitress, answering their curiosity about a lost tourist in their isle in wintertime.
It was a lovely day, strolling around the hills, taking pictures of the sheep, engaging in many weather conversations and smiles. The people couldn’t be more kind, from the cafe waitress, CalMac ferry officers to a lady in running shoes and staff at the merchandise shop. Kindness, in a lonely Rothesay during the wintertime.

The beautiful ceilings of Wemyss Bay station

The seating area of MV Argyle Caledonian Maclay Ferry

Mushrooms soup

Lonely city of Rothesay

The town of Rothesay

Top of the hill 

Fertile land

Town's coat of arms

The glorious bridge of the isles

Beautiful sunset by the pier



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